Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Famous Novelists – A.R. Khatoon and Zubeda Khatoon

A.R. Khatoon was a fiction writer from Uttar Pradesh India. After partition she migrated to Pakistan and passed away in mid 60’s. Not much material is available regarding personal life of A.R. Khatoon. Her full name was Amtul Rehman Khatoon, she was married and one of her daughter Zubaida Khatoon was also a fiction writer. A.R. Khatoon wrote many novels, one of her novel ‘Fakeha’ was completed by Zubaid Khatoon after her death.

A.R. Khatoon - Drama Clips

A.R. Khatoon’s novels are famous for their depiction of cultural and family values in Muslim families of Uttar Pradesh. Novels of both A.R. Khatoon and Zubaida Khatoon were adapted for PTV dramas and were quite famous too.The stories of A.R. Khatoon are based on joint family and family politics, consequently the dramas also have many characters.

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